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Handling Payment for Forward Requests

Operating partners may receive funds for a mail forward action request in two forms: a handling fee and reimbursement for any shipping and/or handling fees.

Handling Fee

Service Plans can be set up in such a way that is charged a handling fee upon making a forward request, regardless of the size or shipping and/or handling fees associated with that request. See this article for more details on Service Plan allowances. Note, this handling fee is on a per item/action request basis and will be added to the renter's monthly invoice.

Reimbursement for Shipping and Handling Fees

You have the option to charge the renter's credit card before the shipment goes out the door or simply invoice the renter. We suggest charging the renter's card prior to the shipment leaving your location ot to ensure you receive payment.

Click on the Forward Action Request
Click Add Fee
Enter the amount you want to charge the Renter for shipping and select either Add to next invoice or Charge now on card***
Click Completed when the charge is successful