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How Renter Invoicing Works

Anytime Mailbox creates custom-branded invoices with your company logo for your digital mailbox customers.

Renter invoices are created and available for your review on the 1st of each month. Any open balance on the Renter's statement is charged to the Renter's credit card on the 5th of each month. You will receive an email on the 5th as well, detailing how much each renter was charged and if a credit card failed.

The following is the process to review and manage the renter invoicing process:

Step-By-Step Guide

Click Customers from the top menu
Click Renters from the side menu
Click Renter Name
Click Statement
Click the most recent Invoice
Revenue charges on the invoice to ensure accuracy
Click Statement review current open balance to ensure accuracy
You can make adjustments to the Renter balance by clicking Post Transaction and entering a Debit or a Credit. These adjustments will be reflected on the Renter's Statement
Debit is a fee the Renter owes you
Credit is a credit to the Renter's account