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Post Transaction to a Renter’s Account

Circumstances may come up where you must decrease(credit) or increase(debit) the amount a Renter owes. This is handled through the "Post Transaction" feature within the Renter's account.

Step by Step Instructions

From the Dashboard, select Customers
Select Renters on the left menu
Choose a Renter
Select Statement from the sub menu
Click the Settings gear above the Date on the left side of the page
Select Post Transaction
The Post Transaction window appears. Provide a brief description, and select the appropriate option from the drop down*
Enter the amount, and click Post at the bottom to finish
A successfully posted transaction will show as the topmost entry on the Renter's statement page.

*Post Transaction Menu Key

  • Ancillary Fee Refund
    • All ancillary refunds (shipping/handling, etc)
  • Subscription Fee Refund
    • Mailbox Refunds for subscription fees
  • Setup Fee Refund
    • Any Operator that charges setup fees (CAD locations) can select this if refunding that fee
  • Security Deposit Fee Refund
    • Deposit Charge Refund - First Mailbox Payment
  • Ancillary Fee Charge
    • All ancillary charges (shipping/handling, etc) outside of monthly invoice charges
  • Subscription Fee Charge
    • Any Operator that charges set up fees (CAD locations)
  • Security Deposit Charge
    • Deposit Charge - First Mailbox Charge
  • Tax Charge
    • Any Operator that charges tax (CAD locations)
  • Payment Received
    • Manual payments received for mailboxes only; outside of regular monthly charges (like in cash, paypal, check etc..)
  • Write Off
    • Will not collect balance on file - $0.00 out statements.