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Handling Open and Scan Requests

This article tells you what to do if a renter requests you to open a mail item and scan its contents.

Step by Step Instructions

From the Dashboard, select the gray Open and Scan Action Requests button.
Select the action request you wish to handle.
Identify the particular mail item the Renter is requesting a scan for, open it, and scan the item to your computer.
Upload the scanned document by selecting the + icon box or dragging and dropping the file over the icon.
The Handling Fee section is typically not used, as the system will automatically bill the Renter for number of scannned pages based on their Service Plan.
You should now see thumbnail(s) for the pages that you have uploaded. You can preview each page by clicking on the thumbnail.
Select Completed to mark the Action Request as completed and send the scanned items to the Renter's Dashboard.
Scanned files that you upload can be in JPEG or PDF format.
Use the Update button at the top to save the changes if you are unfinished and plan to get back to this Action Request at a later time.