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What to do with Non-Payment Lockout

What is a Non-Payment Lockout?

If enabled, any renter whose credit card is declined or invalid during the monthly attempt to collect the open balance will be placed on a Non-Payment Lockout. This means, the renter will not be able to view or interact with mail until the open balance is paid up and new valid credit card is received.

Non-Payment lockout renters are summarized each month. Click here for information on how to view your Non-Payment Lockout Renters.

What do I do when a Customer is on a Non-Payment Lockout?

The renter will be able to update their credit card information when they login to the Renter Portal. If the credit card information is valid, the renter’s balance will be collected and they will have access to their mail. This process is all handled within the Renter Portal and there is no action required on your part.