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Adding a Fee to an Action Request

Depending on your action request you may want to charge the renter a shipping or handling fee. We strongly suggest charging a renter's credit card prior to shipping any items to ensure you will be paid for services. There are two ways to add o charge a fee for an action request:

  1. Add a fee to the renter's next invoice
  2. Charge a fee to the renter's credit card before completing the action request

Charge Fee to Credit Card in Real-Time

Charging a fee in real-time requires an active merchant gateway account. Additionally, the renter needs to have a credit card stored on the platform. Once a successful charge goes through appropriate ledger line items are added to the renter's statement.

Add Fee to Invoice

When adding a fee to the invoice the renter will not be billed for the service until the next billing cycles aggregate all fees. As long as the action request is open, the fee amount can be changed.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Navigate to your action request
  • Click on Add Fee
  • Enter the Amount
  • In the funding drop-down you can select whether to add a fee to the next invoice or charge it immediately to the renter's credit card.