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How Payment Works

How Does Payment Work?

Billing is automated by the Anytime Mailbox Platform. This article covers how Anytime Mailbox charges you and how you receive revenue from your Renters.

How Anytime Mailbox Charges You

Anytime Mailbox charges on a per-renter basis. You are charged $5 per renter per month for Renters we bring to you through our website, and $3 per renter per month for Renters you add yourself. You may add Renters manually or through your own, unique sign-up page address. This fee is collected via a credit card that you enter into the platform.

How You Get Revenue from your Renters

Fees owed by a Renter go from the Renter's credit card to the Merchant Account connected to your Anytime Mailbox platform. Fees include monthly base fees, action requests, and additional fees for over usage. You can create and/or connect their own Merchant Account, or we may handle this for you.

Can Anytime handle Renter Invoicing for me?

Yes, for a minimal fee. This means that the revenue from renters will now go from the Renter's credit card to our Merchant Account, and then we will mail you a check or direct deposit your revenue each month. Some key points to remember:

Your customers still receive an invoice with your branding
We handle the entire collection process
We send you all collected funds less 5%. The 5% covers all merchant fees and our time to manage the process
We still invoice you separately for each activated mailbox -- see How Anytime Mailbox Charges you