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How to Handle Consolidated Forwarding Requests

Say your renter has ten pieces of mail they want forwarded and your handling charge is $5. Your renter has the option of requesting that those ten pieces be forwarded in a single envelope for one $5 charge. Unfortunately, the ATMB system doesn’t yet recognize these groupings, and processing those ten pieces will result in an automatic $50 charge to your renter, an overcharge of $45.

Ultimately, your renter needs to be refunded the overcharged amount manually.

Step-by-step guide:

Open the Forwarding Requests from your Dashboard
For the 1st piece of mail, click Add Fee
Calculate the total shipping fee for the entire consolidated package or envelope
Enter this amount and select either Add to next Invoice or Charge Now on card*
Click Completed
Open the remaining mail items, and hit Complete on each one -- DO NOT CHARGE AGAIN
Go to the Renter’s Statement and Post a Credit for the overcharged handling fee
  • We recommend charging the card to make sure you get the money for the shipping cost before sending the package out